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Ihar was released from prison on August 22, 2015.

Ihar Alinevich is a Belarusian anarchist. On May 27, 2011 is found guilty of participating in the attack on the Russian embassy in Minsk, the arson of the Belarusbank, the attack on the casino “Shangri La” and the anti-militarist manifestation near the General Staff headquarters and was sentenced to 8 years of colony with the reinforced regime for group hooliganism and intentional destruction of property.

After the wave of repression against Belarusian anarchists had started in September 2010, Ihar had to hide from the Belarusian special forces abroad. On November 28, 2010 he was kidnapped by plaincloth cops in Moscow. On November 30, 2010 he was found in KGB prison in Minsk. Thus, breaking all the norms of criminal extradition Ihar was taken to Belarus from Russia less than in 2 days.

Ihar admitted only participation in the antimilitarist march and thowing a smoke grenade on the territory of the General Staff, but doesn’t consider it a criminal act.

The sum of damages inflicted to property is estimated at 100 mln BYR (20 000 $).

Co-defendants of Ihar are Mikalaj Dziadok and Aliaksandar Frantskievich

Note that Belarus is a bilingual country, official and preferred names of most of the arrested are in Belarusian language, thus we list prisoners by their Belarusian names. But as prisoner registry of prisons is organised in Russian language, we list addresses with Russian names.

You may also write to Belarusian prisones through e-mail address belarus_abc ]a[ riseup ]d[ net - letters will be printed, and passed to prisoners.

Read more: http://www.avtonom.org/en/freebelarus