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Lev Vitalevich Skoryakin Was released on July 2022 court pending, after which he fleed abroad.

Ruslan Abasov and Lev Skoryakin are activists of the Left Bloc, a left unity organisation which comprises both anarchist and communist activists according to a small common denominator. They are accused of an action against the FSB secret service, in which they visited the FSB building at the Ivana Babushkina street of Moscow, and hung a banner ”Happy day of a Chekist!”, burned a flare and threw it to the yard of the building. They are charged with ”Hooliganism with prior intent and use of weapons” and ”Vandalism”, which means they may be imprisoned for up to 7 years.

Lev Skoryakin is a long-time activist with a number of previous arrests, in June 2020 he was arrested and beaten up for an attempt to hang a banner “Justice for Floyd” to US Embassy in Moscow.

Abasov and Skoryakin are now held in infamous Butyrka prison of Moscow.