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Oleg Vyacheslavovich Kapustyanov FKU SIZO-1 FKU SIZO-1, ul. Yapeeva 16/1, 420111 Kazan, Tatarstan

3rd of April 2013 officers of Center of Counteraction Against Extremism ("E-center") raided houses of four anti-fascist students, who were arrested. Only after arrest, four were told that they are suspected of having participated to a fight which took place a month before.

Fifth suspect, Timur Doronin, was arrested 21st of May 2013 at his home in Zelenodolsk, a Kazan suburb.

Besides Oleg, Timur Doronin, Ruslan Rostov and Artem Sher have been remanded. Fifth Dmitri Ilichev has not been remanded but is under traveling restrictions.

More about the case: https://avtonom.org/en/people/kazanskoe-delo