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Saveli Aleksandrovich Frolov 2001 g.r. ul. Mordovtseva d. 6 SIZO 6 362040 resp. Severnaya Osetiya – Alaniya, Russia

Saveli Frolov is a children and youth sport instructor from Narodo-Fominsk of the Moscow region, who attempted to leave Russia for Georgia on October the 30th. He was arrested on the border, and detained first for frivolous charges of ”refusing orders of the border guards” and then ”minor hooliganism”. Then on the 2nd of December he was charged for allegedly ”attempting to cross to side of the enemy”. According to authorities, he planned to leave Russia to join the Free Russia Legion, which is fighting on side of Ukraine against Russia. He may face up to 10 years in prison.

Since the begin of the war, Saveli has joined in anti-war actions and was imprisoned for 10 days for distributing anti-war leaflets. Online paper Bumaga made a lengthy article on Saveli and his case last December

Our news on case of Saveli in Russian: