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Anarchist Black Cross
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Anarchist Black Cross

ABC Moscow is supporting repressed antiauthoritarians, who are repressed for their political activities or actions which do not conflict anarchist ideals. Financial support for prisoners is often necessary. Often financial resources are needed, for this we have set up a fund.

Correspondence with prisoners is very important for their psychological support. Addresses of prisoners are in section "Prisoner list". But the most important thing is that prisoners in Russia and Belarus usually can not receive letters in foreign languages, so foreigners should write them in Russian (or Belarusian for Belarus) or send letters in English to the ABC, and we will translate them and send prisoners.

Money from our fund is allocated to

  • legal support
  • material support, for example medical aid and food parcels for prisoners

We are not only reacting to most outrageous attacks against our freedom, but we also spread information on our opinions and on alternatives to police and prison system. We try to react to repression preventively, by spreading information on right behaviour during interrogations and arrest among revolutionary movement.

We attempt to react quickly to repressive measures against anti-authoritarians in other countries, and we are maintaining relations with sections of Anarchist Black Cross all around the world.

You may help ABC by donating to our fund. If you have particular wishes on allocation of money, let us know.