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Autonomous Action

This section does not include Contacts of Autonomous Action, and it also does not include Anarchist contacts in Russia and Belarus for projects which have offline existence.

More regularly updated version of the list in Russian language splitted to three sections in our website:

  • Contacts of Autonomous Action
  • This page for other anarchist and related contacts with "offline existence"
  • Links for anarchist and related internet projects and other links.

Check these if you want more up to date information


Websites: - activist tech group n A T (also Jabber)

Anarchist songs

Anarchists of St. Petersburg

Anti-fascist portal of information and analysis

Anti-yuppie - news of anti-glamorous culture of Kaliningrad and surrounding region witamin_w38 (a t)

Bakunista! website - theory and analysis, anarchist history bakunista (A T) - open publishing website from Tyumen region, admin A T

Good Night White Pride

Indymedia Russia,, indyru A T

Indymedia Kuban (Krasnodar region and Adygeya) imckuban A T

Indymedia Piter (St.Petersburg),, imc-piter A T

Indymedia Siberia,, info A T

Nazi-Watch Russia

News about squatting and squatter movement

A website on Nestor Makhno

A zine archive

Notable blogs - migration, anti-fascism etc. - anarchism in St.Petersburg - copyright, copyleft, creative commons, filesharing... - anarchism and animal rights in St. Petersburg - ecology and anarchism in Nizhniy Novgorod - history of anarchist movement, syndicalism (by MPST member) - another syndicalist blog by KRAS member - Squatting, prisoner support... - Vlad Tupikin - syndicalism, history of anarchist movement... by KRAS member


Linux Vacation Eastern Europe

Indymedia - Belarus

Kairos - libertarian analytic blog - history of anarchy in Belarus - d.i.y. political punk / hardcore culture of Belarus - Nazi Watch Belarus - anarcho-communism in Belarus