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Aleksey is released

Aleksey was doing 5 years sentence for a fight with two Nazis, another of whom was a cop, in June of 2008. Even better if you may write address in cyrillic letters:

More information on Aleksey:

5 years prison for St. Petersburg anti-fascist Aleksey Bychin 8th of May 2009 Kuybyshevskiy district court sentenced Aleksey Bychin to 5 years in prison, according to statue 111 part 3 of the Russian criminal codex (conscious causing of grievous bodily harm to two or more persons).

Imprisoned Antifascist's Appeal Rejected by Court The St. Petersburg City Court’s judicial division for criminal cases ruled to uphold the conviction of Alexei Bychin on Tuesday, in an appeal hearing that only lasted ten minutes, according to the imprisoned antifascist’s lawyer. “They didn’t listen to any of our arguments,” lawyer Olga Tseitlina said by phone after the hearing.

New address for Aleksey Bychin and other news on anti-fascist prisoners in former Soviet Union Aleksey is doing 5 years sentence for a fight with two Nazis, another of whom was a cop, in June of 2008 in St. Petersburg. Few weeks ago Aleksey finally arrived to prison colony, where he will be doing his 5 year sentence.

Write to anti-fascist Aleksey Bychin, remanded in St. Petersburg!

Anti-fascist arrested in St. Petersburg 16th of July 22 year old anti-fascist Aleksei Bychin was arrested in St. Petersburg. He is facing charges according to statute 111, part 1 of Russian criminal codex (consciously causing grievous bodily harm). 18th of July he was put to remand prison.