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Released before the appointed time

24th of February 2012 Taganskiy district court of Moscow senteced Anton to 4 years and two months of prison for two incidents.

According to version of the prosecution, in Autumn of 2010 Anton and his friends had a conflict with seven far-right football hooligans of Spartak Moscow in metro station "Ploschad Il'icha" of Moscow, during which Anton wounded one of the football hooligans to a hand with a knife. Wounded hooligan, name of whom was Vasin, and his friends were around 30 years old and drunken. They told to prosecution that they are working for ruling "United Russia" Party.

Anton was also accused of having participatd to a fight 1st of May 2010 at metro station "Alexeyevskaya" of Moscow. That day, a group of fascists attacked group of people, who were returning from anarchist and anti-fascist Mayday rally at All-Russia Exhibition Centre. Three guys and one girl were lightly wounded with knives. One of the attackers was 17-year old Yuri Yevsyukov.

According to Fatullayev himself, he was travelling in the next wagon, and saw when his comrades were attacked. In the station, he ran out from the wagon, attacked Yevsyukov and knocked him out. According to prosecution, Fatullayev did not attempted to defend his comrades, but was attacking Yevsyukov with "hooligan intent", that is, without motivation. Eventually, judge considered second incident to not to be "hooliganism" (statute 213 of Russian criminal codex), but battery (statute 116 of Russian criminal codex).