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Pavel has been released on the 27th of September 2010, because in 2009 the cassation lead to decrease of his term of imprisonment.

Pavel is anarchist and animal rights activist, who is doing time 4.5 years for attempting to gather wages former boss refused to pay in spring of 2007.

More information on Pavel:

Pavel Delidon released from prison! Anarchist and animal rights activist from Russia, Pavel Delidon was released from prison 27th of September, after doing 3.5 years in prison for an attempt to gather back wages his former boss owned him. Below a message Pavel passed to Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow:

Important when writing to Pavel Delidon! Pavel has informed us that prison authorities are putting a pressure against him as they have trouble reading support mail in other languages than Russian.

Pavel Delidon - a prisoner of class struggle Our friend and comrade, anarchist Pavel Delidon is in a serious trouble - already for 6 weeks he has been in a remand prison, charged of robbery by illegal trespass (according to Russian criminal codex, these charges would result from 7 to 12 years of imprisonment). And all of this just for his attempt to take back what belongs to him.

Write to anarchist class struggle prisoner Pavel Delidon! Pavel Delidon is anarchist, anti-fascist and animal rights activist from Stariy Oskol, South-West of Russia. Last July he was given a 5 year sentence for an attempt to collect wages his former boss had not intention to pay.

A benefit cd for Pavel Delidon Moscow-based label RRR re-released second album of "Partiya", anarcho-punk band from Minsk. All proceedings from the album go to anarchist class struggle prisoner Pavel Delidon.