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Released in June 2015.

In night of 9th of June, Basmanniy district court of Moscow arrested anarchist Stepan Zimin, suspected of having participated to rioting in Bolotnaya square 6th of May 2012. Prosecution claims that Zimin assaulted police officer whose finger was broken, and he is accused according to statutes 212 part 2 of Russian criminal codex and statute 318 part 1 of Russian criminal codex (rioting and violence against government official).

Stepan was detained amongst hundreds of others 6th of May. Originally, he was charged with misdemeanor charges and sentenced for "not following legal orders of police officers". Detainement and charges against Zimin are illegal, as it is illegal to charge people twice for the same incident.

Additional information on prisoners of 6th of May:

6th of May committee

In case you have Russian bank account or Yandex.Dengi internet money account, you may send letters via form provided by Russian prison administration: For this, you should indicate year of birth of Zimin - 1992.