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Boyarshinov Yuliy Nikolaevich. Released April 2023

Was born in St.Petersburg, Russia. Studied at ITMO University, faculty of physics and engineering. Worked as industrial alpinists. For the last 5 years he was one of the organizers of “Free Market” in St.Petersburg, it’s an event, where you can take the things you need and leave the ones you don’t need. Vegetarian, volunteer in animal shelters. Enjoys travelling and hiking, likes science fiction.

On January 21 of 2018 was arrested. On 11th of April Yuliy was chaged with participation on terrotistic society “Network”. FSB officers were threatening him to worsen his prison conditions if Yuliy will not cooperate. Later they moved him to the another cell with 150 prisoners: murder, rape, robbery convicts. Moreover cell has only 115 beds.

More information: https://rupression.com/en/person/yuliy-boyarshinov/