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Ukrainian citizen Yegor Kazanets was arrested 16th of May. He is accused of writing graffiti ”Slava Ukraine!” (Long live Ukraine) in St. Petersburg. He is charged with ”vandalism”.

Yegor is 22 years old, he graduated from a vocational school of ship construction and applied technologies as a turning and milling machine operator. Lately he has been working as a loader operator and a barman. In his freetime, Yegor was drawing, watching TV series and listening music. Now he is being held in New Kresty prison of St. Petersburg.

You may write to Yegor to address

Yegor Alekseevich Kazanets SIZO-1, Kolpinskaya ul. 9 g. Kolpino 196655 Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

You may also write to him with the FSIN-Pismo service: