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Is facing criminal charges, as in March he posted in his Telegram-channel a picture of a destroyed block of flats in Kiev, with a caption ”Ukrainian cities after arrival of the liberators”. According to the investigation, this was ”public spreading of purposefully wrong information about using armed forces of the Russian Federation”, as Russian ministry of defence claims that the building in Lobanovskiy street of Kiev was destroyed by Ukrainian rocket. 27Th of March house of Nozdrinov was searched, the next day he was remanded.

Additional reason of his persecution are his investigations about corruption by Krasnodar authorities in his Telegram ( and Youtube ( Channels.

You may write to Nozdrinov to address Nozdrinov Aleksandr Analolevich 1985 g.r. SIZO-2 ul. Pugacheva 32, g. Armavir, 352909 Krasnodarskiy Kray Russia