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released on parole at the end of October 2015.

Birthday 29th of August

Basmanniy District court of Moscow remanded Alexey Polikhovich 26th of July, as 16th person supposed of having joined rioting in Bolotnaya square 6th of May 2012. Alexey is third anarchist, arrested for for the case - currently Alexandra Dukhanina is in house arrest, and Stepan Zimin has been remanded since 9th of July. Alexey was arrested on evening of 25th of July and his home was searched. Currently he is accused according to statute 212, parts 2 and 3 of the Russian criminal codex (inciting and participating to rioting) and statute 318 part 1 of the Russian criminal codex (violence against government official). Case against him is based solely on testimony of riot police, and vague photos of someone in a mask. "E Centre" (Centre of Counteraction Against Political Extremism) also provided remand court with testimonial that "Polikhovich is a member of and connected to extremist organisations".

Alexey is 21 years old, he was born in Moscow and was conscripted to Northern Fleet (his photo is from his time in service). After his service, he began studies in a program of conflictology in Russian Social University, and finished first year of studies. During his studies, he is working as a courier. Polikhovich joined anarchist blocs in all major protest actions, he was also involved in Occupy movement of May-June 2012 in Moscow and joined protest to defend Tsagovskiy forest in the city of Zhukovskiy of Moscow region. He was arrested 6th of May during police attack against demonstrators in Bolotnaya square.

Currently Alexey is held in remand prison number 2, also known as Butyrka.

In case you have Russian bank account or internet money purse such as Yandex.dengi, you may pay for an electronic letter for Alexey using a form provided by Russian prison administration:

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