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This updated contact list has been gathered for Abolishing the Borders from Below - journal and Anarchist Yellow Pages (

This section does not include Contacts of Autonomous Action, and it also does not include links to internet only-projects.

More regularly updated version of the list in Russian language splitted to three sections in our website:

  • Contacts of Autonomous Action
  • This page for other anarchist and related contacts with "offline existence"
  • Links for anarchist and related internet projects and other links.

Check these if you want more up to date information


Anarchist and related organisations, groups, projects and initiatives

Alliance for Animal Rights (Radical non-hierarchical grassroot activism for animal rights) news( A T)

Alterkom - network of student resistance in Petrozhavodsk altercom A T

Anarchist Black Cross Moscow P.O. Box 13 109028 Moscow Russia (no name of the group to envelope, please!) abc-msk A T

Anarchist Black Cross St. Petersburg Alekdandr Vitalyevich Yermakov P.O. Box 32 194291 St. Petersburg (no name of the group to envelope, please!) sprafa A T novsvet89 A T

Anarchists of Petrozhavodsk altercom A T

Libertarian Marxist group "Derzay", Derzay-zine P.O. Box 152 420044 Kazan Russia red (A T)

Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group - Russia aeinfo A T

Antifa Ulan-Ude afa.ulanude (A T)

Association of Anarchist Movements (ADA) - member groups and individuals

Online community:

Union of Kaliningrad Anarchists - SKA (Also for Taynoe Pisanie - zine)

Alliance of Kazan anarchists - AKA P.O. Box 132 Kazan 420059 Tatarstan Russia antimil A T

Yaroslavl Group of Anarchists ada-yaroslavl A T yangarka A T

Alliance of Libertarian Initiatives (of St. Petersburg) (Coordinates local activities of Food Not Bombs, Pyotr Alekseyev Resistance Movement, Punk Revival, RASH and others) spbnabat A T

Bakunin Fund Kornilov Sergey Gavrilovich Kuvshinovskiy Rayon, s. Pryamukhino 172101 Tverskaya oblast, Russia tel: +7 (48257) 75 160, +7 (495) 918 40 04, +7 (916) 322 33 47 bakunin-fund A T

Black Bloc (Voronezh) blackblok0 (A T)

Anarchist Group of Krasnoyarsk anarh-krk A T

Clandestine Insurrectionary Rebel Clown Army in Moscow ka A T

Critical Mass (Moscow),, (A T)

Confederation of revolutionary Anarcho-Syndicalists (KRAS-AIT)

Moscow P.O.Box 34 117485 Moscow Russia (no name of the group to the envelope), comanar A T

Rostov-na-Donu P.O.Box 4059 344103 Rostov-na-Donu Russia socprotest AT

Saransk tmunzer AT

Yaroslavl P.O. Box 733 150052 Yaroslavl Russia liberta2004 A T

Cultural Center "DUPLO" & Alternative movie club Diversija in Samara

Organized Siberian Antifascists siberia A T

Food Not Bombs General contact: fnbru A T

Barnaul: iniciativa-barnaul A T

Irkutsk: irkfnb A T

Izhevsk: edavmestobomb A T

Kazan: fnb-kazan A T,

Kirov: punkauskirov A T

Krasnodar: fnb_krsndr A T

Krasnoyarsk: fnb-krk AT

Moskva:, fnb-msk A T

Nizhniy Novgorod: fnbnnov A T

Novosibirsk: x316x A T

Perm: fnbperm A T

Rostov-na-Donu: subbacultcha A T

Samara: tipunanija A T

St.Petersburg: epicenter-infoshop A T

Tyumen: fnb_tyumen A T

Ufa: fnb A T

Vladivostok: fnb-vladivostok A T

Volzhkiy:: fnbvlz A T

Voronezh: fnb-vrn A T

For the Abolition of Vivisection! - Initiative group (SHAC Russia),,, skazhi A T

Free Trade Union Confederation of Tomsk

Free University (lectures in St Petersburg) voluni A T

House-museum of Pyotr Alekseyevich Kropotkin tel: +7(495)993-92-04 (Jan Lvovich Prusskiy) m448 (A T)

Indyvideo,, indyvideo A T

MPST (Inter-Professional Union of Workers), also for paper "Black Star" Phone: +7-963-923-39-69 e-mail: mmagid A T, wwp61 A T, buhr1 A T, aneretik A T

Network of Working Place Resistance

Punk Revival -- St.Petersburg,, aocats A T

Punk-Revival Moscow oipunkpv A T

Punk Revival Krasnoyarsk kras-punxrevival A T

Rainbow Keepers Moscow: Hranitelisvetlana AT Samara: duplos A T

RASH St. Petersburg

Red Skins - Anti-fascist skinheads, admin A T

Siberian Confederation of Labour sibokt A T

Victor Serge library, praxis2001 A T, praxiscenter A T


Girls Are Strong - St. Petersburg gas_zin (A T)

Imhopang - Moscow imhopang A T

Insomnia - Moscow P.O. Box 64 109147 Moscow Russia endishear A T podonokx A T

Interpretation - Moscow P.O. Box 16 117437 Moscow Russia interpretation_zine A T

Kamardzhoba - Nizhni Novgorod crustnn A T

Knives and forks - St. Petersburg zilonis AT

Liniya Fronta - St. Petersburg frontline A T

Meet with the resistance - Magnitogorsk razer A T

My Riot Inward - Petrozhavodsk Alexei Zaikov S. Kovalevskoi street, 9-108 185002 Russia scandalsp A T

No Borders - St. Petersburg noborders AT

Refuse Resist-zine A T

Rod Svart Punk - Perm K.S. Pylaev P.O. Box 6594 Perm Russia rod_svart A T ICQ: 354-310-442


Antifa football league

Antinuclear Resistance - No more Chernobyls! antiatombel пїЅ пїЅ

Eat Yourself D.I.Y. punk/hardcore crew from Homiel and Mahiliow

Food Not Bombs - Minsk fnb-minsk пїЅ пїЅ

Food Not Bombs (and other initiatives) - Brest brestunite A T

Free Theatre - anarchist theatre from city of Brest freetheatrebr A T

Squatters' movement of Minsk squatthebelarus A T - DIY distro with anarchist attitude


A-party-Ya (R.I.P.) - Brest sanjaamatar A T

Defect In Industry - Minsk defectinindustry A T

New World -- Minsk P. O. Box 37 220053 Minsk Belarus lydok пїЅ пїЅ

oD.I.Y.sya! - Minsk P. O. Box 389 220090 Minsk Belarus okpunkrock A T

Rebel Desire -- Minsk P. O. Box 33 220123 Minsk Belarus rusel13 A T

Tryznas kefiras - Minsk/Vilnius tryznas-kefiras A T

Namerenije - Minsk tanuysha A T

Blah-blah-blah - Brest uzhasno пїЅ пїЅ, lets87 пїЅ пїЅ