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Processes of migration in world of today are nothing unforeseen. History has plenty of examples of peaceful moving of masses of people, without any horrible consequences for the humanity. Fear in front of "mixing races and nations" is usually based on fundamental ignorance towards history, culture and habits of other people. During the whole history of the mankind all peoples were always interacting with each other a way or another. People have always moved from countries to others, there has always been mixed marriages.

Practically all nations (and Russian even more than average), include plenty of most different ethnical components. Progress, which we have reached during years, is achievement of the whole mankind, and to which most different people and countries have contributed. We do not claim that common existence of people with most different kinds of traditions always happens smoothly, but national movement does not solve these problems but is just aggravating them. Massive migration of today is due to wars and economical unjustices, caused by actions of globalised, anti-human capitalist System. As long as an articifial difference between qualities of life in countries of first and third worlds exists, countries of the third world will always answer with illegal migration, islamic fundamentalism and other means available. We have a choice in front of us - either one more world war, or a global change of the rules of the game.

We refuse any state borders. We also state, that every human being must have a right to live wherever he wants to live, and where he may earn his living in a honest manner. We give this right more weight than to any "global ethno-geopolitical conceptions", more weight than to "interests of the nations".