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At the end of August 2022, Roman Paklin and five other anti-fascists and anarchists were detained in Tyumen, Yekaterinburg and Surgut. The security forces claim that the young men had an explosive substance that they allegedly wanted to test in the area of the Tyumen power plant. All are accused under Article 205.4 of the Criminal Code "Organization of a terrorist community and participation in it." After the visit by the lawyers, everyone reported torture.

For a long time, nothing was known about Roman, who is being held in a psychiatric hospital. Roman asked not to spread information about the diagnosis and well-being, but recently changed his mind. At the end of last summer, Roma was prescribed psychiatric treatment at the Lebedevsky Psychiatric Hospital in the Tyumen region and declared incompetent. The court appointed Roma's legal representative, Mom. Our comrade can no longer make decisions on the case on his own.

Due to the treatment, Roma's case was separated into a separate production and put on "pause". The courts for the extension of the preventive measure against him have been held all this time without his participation. We remind you that as a result of electrocution, Roman began to have serious health problems: his arm was taken away, heart pain appeared, his eyesight dropped, and later complaints about mental well-being became more frequent. He was diagnosed with schizophrenic disorder. Roma, like other defendants in the case, was offered many times to conclude a pre-trial agreement with the investigation, but no matter what, he remains true to his ideals and responds with a decisive refusal to such questions. The legal representative respects Roman's position.

Roman Vladimirovich Paklin 1997 g.r. The address for letters: SIZO-1, ul. Yalutorovskaya d.42, 625000 Tyumen Russia (Attention. Paklin Roman was transferred until November, 2023 to the Lebedevsky branch of the State budgetary healthcare institution of the Tyumen region "Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital" (branch No. 3) Address: Lenina ulitsa., 1, Lebedevka, Zavodoukovskyi rayon, Tyumenskaya oblast, Russia, 627130